That briefing over the weekend that the government will offer households £5k grants to swap gas boilers for heat pumps? It omitted to mention they’re only funding 30,000 grants a year. There are 22 million gas boilers that need replacing…

BBC gushing with positivity about the Tories plan to offer a £5k grant for heat pumps. One “little” detail they don’t mention: 22 million gas boilers to be replaced. The grant will fund 30,000 boilers a year. Replacement would take 733 years.…

@D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran Disadvantages of Heat Pumps are: High upfront cost. Difficult to install. Questionable Sustainability. Requires significant work. Issues in cold weather. Not entirely carbon neutral. Planning permissions required. No mention of the noise they make when switched on.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran That would take up my spare bedroom where my family members sleep when they come to help us. When I looked into heat pumps it was going to cost £12 - 17 grand for less effective heating that would fail in winter. A complete waste of money we don't have.

@las2950 @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran There is no hot water supplied by them reported on the radio that hot water supplies would come from "communal"sources not defined.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran My niece has a heat pump and an Emerson water tank. It isn't very effective and in winter they are always cold. It's awfully expensive to keep the house warm and she can only afford to run it at 20 c, which means the house is always much lower temp.

@las2950 @hawkins_carole @D_Raval Sounds like it needs a redesign and upgrade doesn't it. We have to stop using gas but how many people can afford to use these pumps, and will then change their boiler knowing its an unreliable, probably downgraded heating source?