That briefing over the weekend that the government will offer households £5k grants to swap gas boilers for heat pumps? It omitted to mention they’re only funding 30,000 grants a year. There are 22 million gas boilers that need replacing…

BBC gushing with positivity about the Tories plan to offer a £5k grant for heat pumps. One “little” detail they don’t mention: 22 million gas boilers to be replaced. The grant will fund 30,000 boilers a year. Replacement would take 733 years.…

@D_Raval Newsnight certainly went into chapter and verse on this last night, exposing the massive issues with the scheme.

@Tim_Kelly How many will watch that one report on an off peak time news show compared to how many will see the headline, every hour on tv, radio and the web?

@peashen @D_Raval Many homes are not suitable for heat pumps. Will other forms of electric heating be offered grants? It would also help incentivise us to 'green' our homes if the unit price for electricity was not linked with the rising gas price!

@D_Raval Why don't they make their builder friends install them in new builds from now ?

@D_Raval And I hear the costs of installing a heat pump can go up to £30k+ depending on how insulated your house is.

@benstead9 @D_Raval That's the revenue stream for Tory donners set up for the future. They're all about sustainability.

@D_Raval @donkeydave269 @BBCBreakfast must have been told by government to push the £5000 heat pump grants. As they mentioned it every 10 minutes this morning.

@IdleBirder @D_Raval @BBCBreakfast Sounds about right brother. Don’t think it will bother you and I 👍

@pensionater @D_Raval Saw a video of a heating engineer ranting about how useless they were - yet they work in sub zero temperatures in Finland. His reason? British homes have the worst insulation standards in Europe and leak heat like a seive! Most new homes are too shoddily built to use them.