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Second single completed ✅! Had a great time in the City this weekend with my guy @PeterMonkMusic new music coming soon 🙏🏾

We are doing a clothing donation for our next 2 meetups! Bring your donations to the Handhelds (December 7th) and Main Meetup (December 11th) and give them to one of our board members. The clothes will be donated to either Tony's Place or Grace Pace. Link in bio has event info.

Lmaoo this "Playoff Selection Show" is four hours long on an NFL Football Sunday. Don't they know we all have twitter??🧐🧐🧐 #boondoggle #CFBPlayoff

It’s official, #Georgia vs #Michigan a #OrangeBowl. #Michigan will be ready for this team. #Jim knows two wins form a #NationalChampionship leadership will focus an knows #Georgia will come ready. Let’s do this Michigan go win an bring a championship home. #CFBPlayoff

Went to church, I read Luke chapter 1 out this book: "Bible: King James Bible with Apocrypha (KJV)…" by King James