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13,3 B Tweet
42,1 B Tweet
3.953 Tweet
1.384 Tweet
2.532 Tweet
25,1 B Tweet
37,5 B Tweet
1.563 Tweet
12,2 B Tweet
10,5 B Tweet
23,9 B Tweet
14,7 B Tweet
22 B Tweet
7.975 Tweet
20 B Tweet
51,1 B Tweet
1.260 Tweet
1.849 Tweet
26,2 B Tweet

1719Z N267LA LAPD AIR SUPPORT DIVISION Squawk: 1200 N34.2204 W118.1942 Altitude: 3550ft Course: 42º Groundspeed: 78kts

All these scammer needs to rot in prison. They need to get a real job. It is really ridiculous. Getting fed up with life.