That briefing over the weekend that the government will offer households £5k grants to swap gas boilers for heat pumps? It omitted to mention they’re only funding 30,000 grants a year. There are 22 million gas boilers that need replacing…

BBC gushing with positivity about the Tories plan to offer a £5k grant for heat pumps. One “little” detail they don’t mention: 22 million gas boilers to be replaced. The grant will fund 30,000 boilers a year. Replacement would take 733 years.…

@D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran Disadvantages of Heat Pumps are: High upfront cost. Difficult to install. Questionable Sustainability. Requires significant work. Issues in cold weather. Not entirely carbon neutral. Planning permissions required. No mention of the noise they make when switched on.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval Is that what they look like? I'd struggle to accommodate something that size.

@nicky_NoPasaran @D_Raval The amount of work to be done installing and no hot water either apparently as govt mentioned communal water supplies.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran Disadvantages of methane (natural gas) - it will run out - it produces CO2 when burnt - it's explosive Because of the first two of these we must look for alternatives. You'd never buy a car with a full tank of fuel if you knew you couldn't refill it.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran Can't see my landlord building an extension to this two-up, two-down to accommodate this.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran That is huge, I have nowhere to put something that big, and nor do many 1 and 2 bed homes, we are shoe horned into tight spaces.

@hawkins_carole @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran That would take up my spare bedroom where my family members sleep when they come to help us. When I looked into heat pumps it was going to cost £12 - 17 grand for less effective heating that would fail in winter. A complete waste of money we don't have.

@las2950 @D_Raval @nicky_NoPasaran A complete waste of money as major part is outside the house to draw in the air which in winter when switched off at night the fans will freeze up as we get minus zero temperatures.