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HAPPY MONDAY ALL ! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend 🙌🏻 Another weekend of #CDL2023 for me & what a night it was with #PlayAsOne sending #DrownThemOut to the Lower Bracket & then 2x Reverse Sweeps for #LAThieves over #IntotheBreach then #BrickByBrick over #EZAF Just Unreal 🥵

@AccuracyLA As a Seattle fan I appreciate and love your leadership fudge what ppl say you know how the guys feel about you and real fans support you’re not the problem 🙌🏽 don’t listen to the bull focus and come locked in for Major 2 #DrownThemOut

@FenixSRS They looking better in snd and now LAN where the guys thrive at don’t stay stuck on any of these matches too long they have a Major to win and doubters to shut up #DrownThemOut

@FenixSRS Lots to take away from this series. SnD is getting better. Just need to be confident in plays. Heads down. Not in frustration, but to focus and polish. We’ve got the drive to make a run through losers. Let the boys breathe and then back to the grind #DrownThemOut

GGs Rokkr Tough split for us, but proud of the improvements we have been making in SND. We are right there. Just gotta keep pushing, see everyone at Major II #DrownThemOut

GG’s MN lost 1-3 at least we controlled our own fate. Starting in losers bracket for major 2. Making improvements step by step, gotta trust the process. Excited for the major nonetheless! #DrownThemOut

Couldn't get it done. Lower bracket for us in Major II, but it's an uphill battle we'll prepare for. #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

GGs MN lost 3-1. Tough split from us for sure but through all of the bad we fought back and made a lot of progress and for that I am proud of my team. Time to make a losers run at Boston. #DrownThemOut

Damn we can’t win a single gunfight wtf we lose the hardpoint and finish 1-4 in qualifiers lan next week and we gonna win more than one hopefully @SeattleSurge #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge Let’s go you guys got this don’t give up keep fighting 🙌🏽🔥🔥 #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge Do. Not. Crumble. This is the pressure that we credit for our diamonds💎 #DrownThemOut

Perfect start for the reverse sweep easy 3-0 on the control hardpoint next let’s go team we can win this easily @SeattleSurge #DrownThemOut

Blink and you miss it. Two more maps for upper bracket. #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge You guys shake it off can’t do anything about those 2 maps regroup come back and do what you guys do best make every second count #drownthemout 🙌🏽 don’t give up

Getting better on s&d but not quite good enough we lose the round 11 s&d reverse sweep needed now let’s go boys @SeattleSurge #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge Can not drop another map. Shake it off. We win this SnD #DrownThemOut

Slow start on Mercado. SnD next, gotta keep up the heat we showed yesterday. #DrownThemOut

We lose map 1 mercado 250-121 need to win our first s&d to even have a chance let’s go boys @SeattleSurge #DrownThemOut

We start our final match right now against the @ROKKR let’s go boys get top 8 baby Watch here 👉 @SeattleSurge #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge Keep the momentum and continue to be warriors! #DrownThemOut


#CDL2023 Match Preview (1/29) {Stage II Qualifier} #8 @ROKKR v #7 @SeattleSurge Map Set:… Most Likely Outcomes: SEA 3-1 (31.4%) MIN 3-2 (27.8%) SEA 3-0 (11.6%) #PlayAsOne #DrownThemOut

We will see how my Pickems hold up during today’s #CDL2023 matches, but here are my predictions for the day. #EZAF  #BrickByBrick  #Intothebreach  #LAThieves  #DrownThemOut  #Rokkr  #gaming #eSports #gamingNews

Last day of Online Qualifiers before Major II. Match predictions: #DrownThemOut #IntoTheBreach #EZAF…

🏆- FIN DU MATCH -🏆 Une défaite sans contestation. On retourne au labo travailler gg @Parseille13 ⭐️ #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge I believe I am at fault for our Stage 2 beginning. I wasn’t wearing my Surge merch, but did last night. I would like to formally apologize to the team and staff. I learned from my mistakes and will correct it going forward😂 Thank you. Good Luck Today! #DrownThemOut

A must win match for both @SeattleSurge and @ROKKR Who you got winning this one? 🔄 Retweet for #DrownThemOut ❤️ Like for #ROKKR

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