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The road ahead. Our Major IV Qualifiers schedule kicks off on April 1st. ⚡ #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

Kid said I was cheating and reported me because he got dunked on LMAOOO #zobofam #fromthedepths #drownthemout

@SeattleSurge @FenixSRS Thanks for showing this man some love. Don’t worry. I won’t tell Sam y’all posted this. Our little secret #DrownThemOut

I might have made the worst team in @GGBreakingPoint fantasy history. I'm not confident in this team at all. #CDL2023 #DrownThemOut #LAThieves #SooUltra

@SeattleSurge You guys looking for a new member? I’m the number 69th ranked COD player in the world. #DrownThemOut

Best new I’ve gotten in the last few weeks! Never win anything like this so to get this text I was popping! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO @SeattleSurge!!! Already signed the release form can’t wait for the hoodie! Gonna rock it even in the summer lol #Drownthemout

@SibDMDL I’m sorry king. My K/D is only 1.45 I’ll be better. #drownthemout @CODLeague Major 3 was a BANGER from start to finish. If you want to see full match highlights from my favorite match of the #Optic Major, it was @SeattleSurge vs @ATLFaZe - One of the best series of the year undoubtedly #EZAF #CDL2023 #DrownThemOut #COD

@JoeDeceives @Arcitys can’t swim irl or in game im drowning for sure over here #drownthemout

Mommy Sib & step Mommy Sib reunited to support our beloved Son yesterday’s games💙💙 so proud of him 💙💙 #seattlesurge #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

HAPPY SUNDAY ALL ! Bit more as expected last night in the #CDL2023 Starting with #BrickByBrick sending #FearTheDeep home ✈️ #EZAF sent #DrownThemOut to losers only for Optic to send them home later ✈️ #SooUltra then sent #IntoTheBreach to losers to then send #LVLup home ✈️

@YAintIFamousYet @Pred Thanks for signing my ps5 controller the real 🐐, training my son to be the next predz #DrownThemOut #seattlesurge

@FenixSRS Major 4 is gonna be yours for sure man #DrownThemOut

Would love to see Sib and Pred play with different players. Love the team they have but it’s not enough when you see teams like Faze, Ultra, Optic, and LAT. They truly could be a dangerous team if they made a team change. #drownthemout If you missed the #BrickByBrick vs #DrownThemOut series I got you covered with the highlights! This series was a banger from beginning to end and the crowd reaction only made it better! #gaming #esports #CallOfDuty #modernwarfare2 #CDL2023 #OpTic #COD #MW2

@Class @AccuracyLA As a Seattle fan I couldn’t agree more Lamar did an amazing job…some ppl only count one match not the entire weekend smh #DrownThemOut

@MackMelts I know you guys need time to digest this but Mack real fans appreciate what you guys did this weekend fought so hard try not to dwell too long on it learn from it I see so much improvement with the team #drownthemout

Really gutted for the .@SeattleSurge boys. They played insanely well against Faze and was unlucky. That series must have drained their adrenaline for later match. All good we will bounce back! #DrownThemOut

.@SeattleSurge are now 1-3 in Losers Round series immediately following a Winners Round Loss in their @CODLeague history #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

GGs to ATL & OpTic that R11 stings but all we can do is keep grinding and get ready for Major 4, proud of everybody on this team regardless of the result. Appreciate all the support over the weekend #DrownThemOut

GG’s Optic that ends our run at major 3, not much to say we played some terrible COD that series. GL to all teams remaining, can’t wait to get back at it for major 4. #DrownThemOut

GGs OpTic we lost 1-3, sucks to go out the way… one round away from being in the Winners Finals will haunt us for sure. #DrownThemOut

@OpTicTexas continues the dominance and closes out the Map 4 Fortress HP 250-120. Everyone fried for OpTic, and @SeattleSurge never had a shot. @OpTicTexas secure Championship Sunday + Top 4. @OpTicTexas 3-1 ✅ #CDL2023   #OpTicMajor #OpTic   #GreenWall   #DrownThemOut

@SeattleSurge @OpTicTexas Even though we lost I will still support them team for as long as they play! #DrownThemOut

GGs OpTic lost 3-1. Hurts a lot after the great split we had but we gotta keep our heads up and look forward to Major IV. Thanks for all the love and support this weekend it meant a lot. #DrownThemOut

someone lord please save Sib and Pred jesus i need to see sib with a better squad #DrownThemOut

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