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I'm not totally gone, you'll still catch me at Champs this year, you'll see me at the Abbotsford Center with a camera on my shoulder with the Abby Canucks and popping in here and there when needed with the Titans and Surge. Till then #DrownThemOut #ForceOfNature #GoCanucksGo

@SeattleSurge @LAThieves Gotta start with a banger! We know this is going to be a tough one… for LAT. Try not to finish it too quick #DrownThemOut

Frantic rounds are made easy with good comms. We're back on your screens this Saturday. #DrownThemOut

7th Place @SeattleSurge With an Unfortunate placing of 7th it’s not enough for the beloved superstars to stick around. They build around Mack 🔵Mack 🔵Gwinn 🔵Fame 🔵Attach #DrownThemOut

The road ahead. Our Major IV Qualifiers schedule kicks off on April 1st. ⚡ #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

Kid said I was cheating and reported me because he got dunked on LMAOOO #zobofam #fromthedepths #drownthemout

@SeattleSurge @FenixSRS Thanks for showing this man some love. Don’t worry. I won’t tell Sam y’all posted this. Our little secret #DrownThemOut

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