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I can’t wait too see The Boys back in a this Sunday trust me they’re going too be coming out frying @RoyalRavens 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #OpTic #OpTicTexas #GreenWall #BrickByBrick 💚💚💚💚💚💚…

Is this even a Question??? The Boys @OpTicTexas is taking Major 4 💯% #OpTic #OpTicTexas #GreenWall #BrickByBrick 💚💚💚💚💚💚…

One of the best @OpTic Processes I have watched 👏 GGs #BrickByBrick

The first two games of the Tournament of Champions for #ARTU saw the #UrbanKnights battle through tough results as Western Washington and Western Oregon both came out on top Friday. #PacWestSB #ArtSchool #BrickByBrick

SB: Despite allowing just one earned run in the first five innings, #ARTU falls to Western Oregon 8-0 in this second Tournament of Champions matchup for the #UrbanKnights. Arnold-Jolley 5.0IP, ER, 6H, BB, Mittman 1-2, Humphreys 1-3 #PacWestSB #ArtSchool #BrickByBrick

What an inspiring human and impeccable example for many who have had to go through a tough upbringing. @oDanGhosty, youve already won. #BrickByBrick @OpTic @H3CZ, please throw the entire bag to this young man. #GreenWall…

@H3CZ @oDanGhosty Well done young man…your story is very motivating and so many people can relate…as a lifelong green wall member I will be rooting for your success #GreenWall #BrickByBrick

After running at Texas relays few hrs before Damazvia Dames @ohthatsvia And William Perry @RealSqwill Ran at Texas State Damazvia 23.78 #1 time in Juco PR and School Record National Qualifier William Perry 21.33 PR National Qualifier #BuildTheFort #BrickByBrick

#SAVETHESTREAK! After seven consecutive days of receiving donations from twenty different donors, please consider being the one to help us CONTINUE the streak by giving to our program and young men tonight. GBR! #brickbybrick #forksup #GoFundMe

3️⃣ DAYS … til you know what! FIRE UP LAKER FANS!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Megan started playing lacrosse in middle school, she is the definition of what hard work can do for an athlete! Megan is also a PLAY 10U coach! Catch Megan in action this season! #brickbybrick

SB: Western Washington builds a lead early and tops #ARTU 14-0 to start the Tournament of Champions. Randall 1-2, Mitchell 1-3, Edeker 1.0IP, 0R, 0H, BB, K #PacWestSB #ArtSchool #BrickByBrick

Life would be ruff without you! Tomorrow is BARK at the PARK! Bring all your furry friends as we take on UAM at 3&5 PM! #GoSuns | #FightOn | #BrickByBrick

Just watched the process. All I got to say is @aPureGangster you are that fucking guy! Mad respect #brickbybrick

It not only improved my trading x10 but also my life x10! It's truly life changing! Don't miss the next one! #RunWithThePack #AlphaPackOrGetClapped #BrickByBrick…

Had a brilliant few weeks delivering youth #mhfa #brickbybrick and Session 1 of Level 4 ‘Supporting pupils wellbeing through PE’, tutoring for @Create_Dev @MHFAEngland @playincluded PLUS supported 20 schools to successfully apply for OSF Fund @LondonSport @SportStructures 🥳😌

MEET DAY EAT DAY 🔥 Day 2 of our TXST competition begins. LETS WORK ‼️ #brickbybrick

MEET DAY EAT DAY 🔥 Final day for Texas relays wraps up today. A lot of good things happening for the word this weekend. LETS WORK ‼️ #brickbybrick

🚨🚨Todays district game vs Sam Houston has been forfeited, HOWEVER you can still catch our JV girls in actions Warren HS at 4PM #HornsUp #BrickbyBrick @RealBrahmaPride @PrincipalHDZ @MacBrahmaSports @BrahmaNation @NeisdAthletics

RedHawk of the Week goes to this young man for his tremendous dedication, effort, and leadership at Rise & Grind workouts and in the classroom!!! #goredhawks #teachu #rentonDNA #brickbybrick #beelite #ibelieve

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