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Not today not tomorrow but I’m gonna kill you. #TheWalkingDead

S7 Ep 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 🥺😔😞😖😢 #TheWalkingDead #TWD

ACTUALLY, going to try and do it for every season? i’ll just make a list and post it once every 30 days and see how it changes! #twd #TheWalkingDead…

i kind of want to do this NOW as i just finished season one for the first time, and then do it again when i finish the show? #TheWalkingDead #twd

Finally finished the walking dead and omg I’m crying my eyes out like wtf..surely it cannot just end that way like what?!?! I’m such an emotional mess rn #TheWalkingDead

In The Walking Dead: Dead City, Negan will arrive in New York City before Maggie gets there sometime later #TheWalkingDead…

Recien terminé de ver #TheWalkingDead 😭😭 i cried for rosita😭😭

I miss this show. This was when the show was at its peak #TheWalkingDead. This was one of my favorite seasons.…

@pauloguedesfc De que adianta se preocupar com política se pessoas como você beneficiam empresários em detrimento de toda classe trabalhadora. Que é contra filho de porteiro estudar, 🙊 #disneyplus #disneyland #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA #DoctorStrange #TheWalkingDead

We will understand that marvel movie sympathizers are adults🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #TheChorus #Willow #TheWalkingDead

Didn’t they have while bazookas or something? Like where’s that? Why y’all ain’t bring that with you? #TheWalkingDead

#TheWalkingDead was vital in convincing a great deal of the film and TV production industry to move operations to Georgia. Join @EW traverses the iconic locations in and around Senoia of your favorite Walking Dead moments.…

King Ezekiel: Rick Grimes of Alexandria, you have given the king much to ponder. #TheWalkingDead Season 7 Rock in the Road 12 February2017 #TWD Zombie Apocalypse The Kingdom, Virginia Khary Payton

I just finished the last ever episode of #TheWalkingDead and I am WOWed. The series slowed down a bit in the Negan seasons, but overall it did an amazing job of showing human civilization types in microcosm with great characterization. And S11 was arguably their best ever!

@ElMatteoFlores Watch #TheWalkingDead and you’ll get even more acquainted with him

The arc in season four of #TheWalkingDead with the sickness rampaging through the group sure does hit a lot differently at this point.

A huge thank you to @wynthewalker for this amazing art piece - I absolutely love it!! Just had it framed and hung today. #TWD #TheWalkingDead

There was no after.  There was only ever a now.  The exact length of time from one heart-beat to the next. 👉 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "If you love #TheWalkingDead, YOU WILL LOVE THIS." @PennilessScribe #mustread #amreading #horror #zombie #stage3series #BookBangs

Ele falando como se não tivesse uns 6 filmes de avatar pronto pra Disney socar no rabo dele💕💕💕💕 #DisneyMovies #Disneyworld #disneypic #Andor #CarsOnTheRoad #TheWalkingDead

I know it’s never been Shakespeare, but the dialogue in the last episode of #TheWalkingDead is actually comical. They even have poor Daryl do the meme where he says the name of the show. Like he actually says it 😂

“It’s all a circle. Everything gets a return.” #TheWalkingDead

STREAM SORPRESA AAHHH Vamos a jugar #TheWalkingDead !! Es mi primera vez así que no sé bien qué esperar ¡acompáñame!

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