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Yes please, I am far to excited for #DeadCity there has been a pretty big void in my #TWDUniverse as the flagship show ended,but I'm so very excited that the universe is expanding! Bring all all the spinoffs, plus #FearTWD as always I'm all in!🔥🙏♥️👏👏 #TWDFamily…

Not the man who brutally murdered the entire heart of the show getting his enemies to lovers arc with said murderee’s wife #TheWalkingDead #DeadCity…

Gotta say, this thing in #DeadCity from #TWD is seemingly going into what looks like Resident Evil territory.

Avis aux fans de #TheWalkingDead 🧟‍♀️ De premières images du spin-off sur Negan et Maggie sont là ! Rendez-vous dès 2023 pour #DeadCity.

@DeadCityAMC It was destiny that Negan had to kill Glenn to find the love of his life #twd We all know Maggie wants Negan #DeadCity

@WalkingDead_AMC I just hope on #DeadCity that NEGAN’S wife being fridged is not the reason for him “going back to his old ways”. That’s a tired trope.

@DeadCityAMC Oh #Maggie could pull that look off easy!! And look damn good doing it 2!! What chick doesn't look amazing in leather pants & jacket? #TWD #DeadCity

@DeadCityAMC @JDMorgan @WalkingDead_AMC @AMC_TV @Johnney5salive Lemme guess...we get it Halloween 2023 right? If anyone knows an actual release date, please let me know!! Thx!! #DeadCity #TWD #Negan #Maggie #TWDfamily

Man Amc is better than this. Smh RT @WalkingDead_AMC: Welcome to #DeadCity… coming in 2023.

2023 is already better than the past 2 years together. 🤧 JDM joins #TheBoys and gives us #Negan back in #DeadCity. If he also comes to Europe my life is complete. 🙏🏼❤️

🔥First #Teaser For Maggie & Negan's The Walking Dead Spin-off 'Dead City' Finally Here! ▶️ Check Out: 👉 Coming to #AMC & AMC+ in April, 2023 !! #DeadCity #TheWalkingDead

Can we all agree that one of the most emotional moments during the #TWD finale was the final scene between Maggie and Negan? Lauren Cohan discussed that and some of the other incredible finale moments w/ @EW:… #TWDFamily #DeadCity

Quizás #TheWalkingDead ha llegado a su fin, pero seguiremos viendo a algunos de sus personajes en spin-offs como #DeadCity, centrado en los personajes de Negan y Maggie. 📺🧟 He aquí el tráiler de la serie en una Nueva York plagada de zombis:

Other people say that this is just another #DeadCity a useful blank canvas for #graffiti - not aliens but art. A #streetart collective from #Thessaloniki and a weekend project.

Me after the #WalkingDead finale...also me when I remember that #DeadCity is happening! 🥺😃

2023 will be a very successful year for #TWD with all these spinoffs! #DeadCity is going to turn out better than anyone expected! @valhallapics @AMC_TV…

🎥 مترجم | جيفري دين مورغان يقول أن شخصية نيغان القديمة سوف تظهر من جديد قريباً! • مسلسل ماغي ونيغان قادم في أبريل 2023 #DeadCity

Looks like Maggie and Negan will be facing friends, foes, and pretty grotesque-looking walkers in #DeadCity. 😱 @JennyRenson…

A new teaser trailer for #DeadCity reveals scenes of Maggie and Negan in New York City after the events of the #TWD finale:…

The Walking Dead story continues. Catch a glimpse of what's to come in our #DeadCity teaser, arriving soon on @AMC_TV

0:00-0:02 0:14-0:15 Weehawken, NJ set that I got to see after filming was complete! Also there day of filming scene 0:14-0:15. What a mess... #DeadCity #twdspoilers…

Whisperer's trick is going to be utilised in Dead City as well #TheWalkingDead #DeadCity #TWD #TWDspinoff

@WalkingDead_AMC Is it too much to ask that you sort out International access to AMC/AMC+ before this airs? I don't want to have to wait for a dvd release to see it like with Tales. At least make it available, at a fee, on Amazon (like you do with Fear). #TWDFamily #DeadCity

Pues no, #TheWalkingDead no ha terminado. El próximo año se estrena la nueva serie spin-off: #DeadCity

How are we feeling about this first look at #DeadCity? Thoughts?…

🟠 Series Por ahora, AMC no ha informado la fecha exacta para el estreno. #DeadCity: presentan nuevo avance del spin-off de #TheWalkingDead Más detalles ⬇️

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