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I've just watched episode S09 | E08 of The Walking Dead! #TWD #tvtime

🚨🚨 Pre Order Live 🇺🇸 FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 7 - 4-Disc Blu-Ray Edition 🇺🇸-Amazon #adlink @FearTWD #TWD

Não curto muito o Shane mas amo ele descendo o cacete no marido da Carol, bateu foi pouco #TWD #TheWalkingDead

#TWDRoleplay #TWD #Writing Been writing Maggie 6+ years. Descript/lit writer. OC/AU friendly. Searching for single ship. Chem/skill a must. Public smut w/ ship only. DM for plotting only. Anyone want to write?

The final episode of #TWD def had me dropping a few years… ugh

أبطال الحلقة الأخيرة بل نسبه لي ❤️#TWD

I know they brought Rick back at the end but honestly this show was Daryl’s story ❤️😭 we ain’t the walking dead #thewalkingdead #thewalkingdeadfinale #twd

Ho appena guardato episodio S11 | E24 di The Walking Dead! #TWD #tvtime

i'm sure we can all agree that we needed more scenes of rick and carl together like this :,( #TWD

Rewatching the walking dead and end of season one Dr Jenner says the French were the last ones and were like closest to figuring it out!! So like will that pop up for Daryl when he somehow gets to France in his spin-off???!!! #twd #TheWalkingDead

I've just watched the episode S11 | E15 of The Walking Dead #TWD #tvtime

Watching #TWD from the beginning again. I was not really into the final season much but I enjoyed the first few seasons & I LOVE the season with evil Negan the most ❤️ The whisperers are pretty fucking cool too. Also I’m sicky. Not the best timing with vacation coming up 😳

December 1st is tomorrow which means the holidays are nearly here! If you need #holidayshopping ideas, check out our gift guides for #StrangerThings, #Friends, #TWD and more!…………

Carl Grimes: I think you should jump out the window to save me the trouble of killing you. Negan: Now, there is the kid that impressed the hell out of me. #TheWalkingDead Season 7 Sing Me a Song 04 December 2016 #TWD Zombie Apocalypse Chandler Riggs Jeffrey Dean Morgan

So. #TheWalkingDead zuende geschaut. Ich bin verwirrt: Wer WAR denn nun das kleine Mädchen vom Anfang von e01s01? #twd

リック、ミショーン、ダリル、マギー、ニーガンのスピンオフもFOXで放送してくれ〜 #TWD

I’ve been ready since I first started watching #TWD. Remember to shoot them in the head.…

Finally watched the last episode of walking dead. It obviously could have went out better. The comic absolutely destroyed the show, but seasons 1-6 were amazing. I guess I just miss how great the show used to be. I wonder if they'll ever make that Rick grimes movie #TWD #michonne

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