@SimonJester007 @AmlongJudyann @dindin6 @_saavus @jill_hope @TweetsPamela @afforsyth @alan_gable @Wiley_PA16 @Styxandstones3 @LempaAnne @rhiles2760 @auberon135 @iruegas_armando @tomboysdontcry @D_justin_corbo @d_klein3 @aolanisausalito Not sure how much I will be on for a few days dear Simon and DeadBeats, I fractured my elbow last night. I enjoyed Sina and want to find more of her songs. I hope you have resolved the issues with the other resident and doing good! Your music keeps me going! 🎶🎸🎶😎💋

@BeccaVotesBlue @SimonJester007 @AmlongJudyann @dindin6 @_saavus @jill_hope @TweetsPamela @afforsyth @alan_gable @Styxandstones3 @LempaAnne @rhiles2760 @auberon135 @iruegas_armando @tomboysdontcry @D_justin_corbo @d_klein3 @aolanisausalito Ouch!!! Rebecca I’m so sorry to hear this! Please check in when you can and let us know how you’re doing. I hope you have someone around who can help you. ❤️❤️