Elon Musk says Trump will win ‘landslide victory’ if indicted trib.al/cyG0aL2

@ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk Donald Trump is the best for peace. Wenn we need peace we need hold Donald Trump 🙏

@ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk ahaaahaaa LOL. n the name of the game is …SENSATIONAL NOTORIETY MARTYR INSTANT NOODLES FAME… wow

@ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk He already said in an interview he doesn’t have a preference on politics, he thinks there are good and bad things in both sides.

@ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk 'landslide victory' = high electoral victory of a party, which was triggered by an unforeseen, drastic shift in votes

@ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk If you would have been born in the USA, I’d beg you to run and most definitely vote for you, @elonmusk