Elon Musk says Trump will win ‘landslide victory’ if indicted trib.al/cyG0aL2

@elonmusk huh, same as general user experience then

@chrisrickett @elonmusk Yet, here you are.. free to cry about it.

@elonmusk and you wonder why the press hates you…

@elonmusk i hope to see that in every article going forward “we reached out to twitter for comment, who gave the statement ‘💩’”

@hannahselinger @elonmusk 😂 I was also nominated by a friend to be nominated for James Beard Award . Gonna add that to my email signature too

@williamlegate @elonmusk Who needs the press when it’s not a free press but a bought and paid for fantasy… We call that a fiction 😉 not factual media