Biden and top Democrats sit and laugh as reporters ask questions amid the ongoing classified document scandal. Most Transparent Administration

@LetItRain2021 @bennyjohnson Yeah I saw that. President Trump drinks water with two hands and the press nailed him. Joe picks his nose and nobody says anything? I bet he ate it later…

@LetItRain2021 @bennyjohnson I have a picture somewhere of Hardesty doing the same thing. 🤣🤣

@LetItRain2021 @bennyjohnson Which part? His finger being up near his nose, or your implication?

@LetItRain2021 @bennyjohnson He touches his nose when he’s lying, or being questioned about a lie. Touching the Nose This subtle sign of irritation can indicate that they are not fully telling the truth. Once again, if the speaker is the one who displays the nose touch gesture, it means he could be lying.