Biden and top Democrats sit and laugh as reporters ask questions amid the ongoing classified document scandal. Most Transparent Administration

@bennyjohnson Chuck just looks evil right? Or is it only me that gets that vibe?

@bennyjohnson ÔÇťJust smile & wave, boys.. just smile and wave.ÔÇŁ ­čśĹ Kamala looks sheÔÇÖs laughing at inside joke.

@bennyjohnson Even if you don't turn the sound on, you can tell they got caught doing something hypocritical and/or misusing the federal government for their own objectives.

@bennyjohnson They need to pardon then release all Airmen, Soldiers, Sailers and Marines who miss handled classified documents and are now spending time in prison.

@bennyjohnson They know the DOJ isnÔÇÖt going to prosecute Biden. It is easy to laugh when you know the DOJ and every other 3-letter govÔÇÖt agency has your back.