A must watch interview with my friend @SteveMcNY. A big victory for TRUTH, JUSTICE and the PEOPLE of Rensselaer County. Tish James is corrupt and illegally targeted an innocent man for 5 years just because he is a Republican who leads and WINS! wnyt.com/top-stories/on…

@EliseStefanik @SteveMcNY You know there’s a credibility issue Every time you say “my friend”

@EliseStefanik @SteveMcNY The language of the tweet is not that of a leader. There’s a veiled undertone of divisiveness and spitefulness that exceeds normal political rhetoric. Best that @RepStefanik tweet be deleted. #NY21 @HouseGOP @SpeakerMcCarthy

@EliseStefanik @SteveMcNY And when Fanni Willis files an indictment? What will you say then? Looks like we’re pretty close.

@EliseStefanik @SteveMcNY Wow he’s such a class act. Like your buddy santos