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#NY21 @RepStefanik @GOP I wouldn't bet a dollar that Elise would call out this call to violence. She's complicit with Trump and backs lying losers like Santos, Ogles, Fox, etc. Seriously, how can this man have been our President?…

Interesting a primary challenger for @EliseStefanik #ny21 Republicans now have a choice.…

Joe Biden created the Southern & Northern border crises. He has waited too long to take action at the expense of #NY21’s important partnership with our Canadian neighbors.…

@RepStefanik ✅School Boards have open meetings where budgets are discussed ✅Parents have the right to be ensured children won't be slaughtered at their desk. As usual @EliseStefanik is making a mountain out of a nothing burger. #NY21 deserves better than lying #SeditiousStefanik 2/2

@RepStefanik What about child safety Elise? What about #GunReformNow Elise? For transparency to your #NY21 voters, how much @NRA money have you accepted and what is your NRA ranking? BTW, when will you come clean about endorsing & supporting fake George,Anthony,Kitara Santos?

Our National disgrace #NY21 Republicans should condemn the threats of violence against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Pretty sure threatening a prosecutor is at least obstruction of justice, and calling for "death and destruction" is beneath a former president.…

@EliseStefanik Ahhh wasn't it you who lied about AG Bragg "took 1 million form George Soros" you know that he didn't. So are you a racist too Elise? #NY21 voters need to know. Are you anti-black and anti-semitic?

@EliseStefanik As usual @RepStefanik contributes nothing positive to complex problems. Her comments have echoes of white nationalism & highlight a key tension point in Elise’s Trump-era political transformation. #NY21 #ExtremistElise

#NY21 voters, @RepStefanik is only interested in self-aggrandisement & it shows. She spends her time skewing the truth & weaponizing the very committee that supposed to investigate federal wrongdoing. What about WIlliam Barr, using John Durham, to cover for Loser45's crimes?

@RepStefanik @EliseStefanik #NY21 Of course the Stefanik campaign would immediately begin their negative bull instead of supporting Democracy.…

@RepStefanik You shine the light on nothing except hate, divisiveness, stupidity and lies. #MAGAMorons #NY21 deserves better than lying do-nothing #SeditiousStefanik

@EliseStefanik So why are you against @POTUS's border control funding? #MAGAMoron #SeditiousStefanik has failed to prioritize the needs of her constituents in #NY21.

#NY21 - @EliseStefanik @RepStefanik STILL supports and refuses to condemn Crime Boss Don's incitement of violence. Ask her, WHY? Republicans should be lining up to condemn the threats of violence against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

#NY21 @RepStefanik @GOP Helping others is good for the soul; misrepresenting that desire to distill, fear, hatred and distrust is poisonous.…

@RepStefanik @HouseGOP Committing political malpractice Elise is not setting a good example for kids. #NY21 district voters needs someone that legislates, not lie and self promote.

Here is the evil that took place last week when Rep. Elise Stefanik spoke at the telescope casual furniture. The owner has donated to her, BUT he also donated to a superpac that she gets money from... on the other hand @EliseStefanik @RepStefanik #ny21 #pos_tefaniKKK

this is important because candidates are not supposed to meet with their super pac on the other hand @EliseStefanik @RepStefanik #ny21 #pos_tefaniKKK breaks campaign laws all the time…

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