Barr and Durham are being mocked as incompetent doofuses, yet they actually seem to have quite ably and successfully buried that tip from the Italian government about Trump criminality, so their cover-up project was not a failure.

Proud to support my friend @claudiatenney’s resolution to stand with the brave Iranian citizens in their fight for freedom.…

@EliseStefanik @claudiatenney What is your position on some being arrested in New York for assassination attempts?

@EliseStefanik @claudiatenney Why don't you do more to support American women? Give them their choice back!

@EliseStefanik @claudiatenney Wow what courage she stands with the brave Iranian citizens, her and 430 other House members. You’re trying too hard Elsie.

@EliseStefanik @claudiatenney Now your response to your #NY21 donors who were upset after they knew that you gave @Santos4Congress campaign funds

@EliseStefanik @claudiatenney Elise, the only difference between women in the US & women in Iran being discriminated & human rights violated of their equal human & gender rights is the religion. Women in the poorest African nations have more rights than US women do under The Maputo Protocol & CEDAW. ♀️👊✌️