@weverseofficial Please, consider to let us buy in weverse shop with Google Pay, it's easier. I tried to pay with paypal but the page didn't Let me 😐

@weverseofficial @justinbieber Why did Justin Bieber retweeted 😭😭😭😭 is he in weverse???

@weverseofficial @justinbieber Can you buy tickets for Justin's performance only?

@weverseofficial @justinbieber Aquí tienes a tu t ont4 que no va a dormir hasta el primero de Enero, te amo @justinbieber

@weverseofficial @justinbieber My team and I would be thrilled if you supported our NFT project that just launched! Please check out the project/art. We are a women led doxxed team with a female artist. Our art reveal is Feb 3rd. @sacred_skulls

@weverseofficial @justinbieber When ya gna promo your @metadomez mr biebs? Lfg money to be had bby