started a long write up about it but didnt finish it. JUSTIFIED turned 20 this year. a favorite album of mine. SEÑORITA bridge, the structure of NOTHING ELSE, the last minute of LAST NIGHT. very special album. christmas 2002 was one of the greatest moments of my life. 20!

@jtimberlake Would love a Justified re-release with some unreleased tracks

@jtimberlake If the world is letting IRI’s forces keep going, then this planet is doomed and we are truly the dumbest species of any lifeform to ever exist since humanity is evolving backward. PERIOD #Mahsa_Amini‌ #ToomajSalehi #ArashSadeghi #Armita_Abbasi

@jtimberlake I met my wife on MySpace. Her profile song was "Dance with me". 💯❤️ PS: we broke up - lol 😆 But still I remembered. I wanna hear more music #JT ⚡🤳