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Kaia dropping some wisdom as the Industry contracts after the Strikes. In the meantime, I will keep pounding the keyboard and get some new, fresher samples in my back pocket for when things expand again! #Screenwriting

Contraction: a brief history. In 1967 the Transamerica Corp bought United Artists. UA had been founded by Griffith, Chaplin, Pickford and Fairbanks to give actors the chance control their own interests rather than be subsurvient to studio whims. UA was beloved. Transamerica was…

A very stimulating day. It’s days like these that make me anxious to sit down and write. And write. I’m so grateful and thankful that I get to do this for a living. Thank You God. #screenwriting

Knowing the ins-and-outs of script format is one thing, developing your own writing style is another. Learn keys to Narrative Voice in this one-week online class. Starts February 27. #screenwriting #writing

Thank you Lynelle for this transparency!!! These contests, fellowships, labs call of it can feel so predatory on Writer’s dreams. Let’s keep looking out for each other #screenwriting

Your screenwriting fellowship application that you spent countless hours on… Yeah…more than likely, nobody is reading your application. Here’s how I know. A thread🧵

I compiled a looonngg list of items one would find in an alchemist's lab. Now I need to figure out what the hell they do and what fits in this scene. #screenwriting #WritingCommunity

Well damn, gonna have to research alchemical equipment to flesh out this scene. #screenwriting #WritingCommunity

Krystyna Loboda, a Quarter-Finalist in our 2020 Feature Contest, will be premiering her short film "A Question of Y" in not one, but TWO film festivals in Los Angeles at the end of February. #screenwriting / ……

I’m going to work my hardest this year to try and get my stories told from script to screen. I’ve got another short film planned for this summer, and I want to finish writing my 7th and 8th features this year. #screenwriting #filmmaking #writingcommunity #goalsetting

Check out the script and movie version of the "Makin' Whoopee" scene in “The Fabulous Baker Boys” (1989). Writer-director Steve Kloves wrote all but one of the Harry Potter movies.… #movies #screenwriting

@GoIntoTheStory @writing "Transient" #screenwriting Larry shows Bad News the pistol while the masses walk past. Neckbone regains his self-esteem by hocking and spitting on a hateful immigrant woman. Larry Cold Duck Time said since I already owe him $, I should rob somebody anyway.

As I've toiled to shave 7 pages (so far) off my new rom-com and hammered out a rough synopsis and logline, I've realized it may be more of a rom-com-dram in its current state. 🤔 #screenwriting

It’s so slow in Los Angeles TV & film. Some crew told me they don’t expect to work much the first six months of this year. Until after the new IATSE and Teamster contracts are signed. More friends moved away this month as they are tired of the industry. #SAGAFTRA #screenwriting

A decade ago, as many as 100 broadcast pilots would be casting right now. This year, we have a total of three, all at NBC…

Did you know that WeScreenplay offers a 'First Look Coverage' option? It's ideal if you want to know if you're on the right track with your first draft! More info: #writing #screenwriting #screenwriterslife

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