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@mmpadellan Good morning BDD, @LoveLoulabel and family Happy Sunday #LockHimUp ✌️❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

@tommyboy0690 @BusinessInsider #LOCKHIMUP! It was blatant stock manipulation and millions of investors were mislead and cheated by what he did.

@cwebbonline @HouseGOP Alvin Bragg is a giant amongst men, he has the truth on his side and one giant pair of balls. #LockHimUp

@DonaldJTrumpJr Filthy fascist Daddy rigged the 2016 election by bribing/silencing his porn prostitute with laundered money. About time we #LockHimUp

@nowthisnews This guy appearing at all CHUMP functions is a PAID front! Enough already! #LockHimUp

@RonnyJacksonTX That’s nice. Your orange hero is still a lying scumbag. #LockHimUp

@GOPContenders That’s because Trump is the country’s #1 enemy. #LockHimUp

Oh, and anyone that bought the "Justice for All" "song" on @AppleMusic? Yeah, we ARE coming for your guns because you're clearly a domestic threat. #SNL #LockHimUp

@nypmetro Every day In @ManhattanDA Manhattan is April Fool’s day 🤡🤡🤡can a Red State DA grow a pair and charge #FatAlvin with treason already? #LockHimUP #TreasonHasConsequences

@TulsiGabbard Why are you defending an actual crook. We watch Trump break laws on TV and no one stopped him. 800k died because he hoped they would be Dems! #LockHimUp

@piersmorgan speculating whether trump would attend the British coronation or not is complicated by the fact that trump will be ordered by a judge not to leave the country in his arraignment on Tuesday after he’s finger-printed and gets his fugly mug-shot done. #LockHimUp…

@MSNBC Reports @AlexWitt My Thought/You've Mainstream/News Networks/As An Echo Chamber Reporting/Lies/And Bull. #SeditionistTrump's/A Terrorist/This's Terrorism/He's Threatening The Lives Of Others. #DOJ/#FBI Now #DHS Need To Act Protect The People And USA. #LockHimUp !!!

An open conversation about former President Donald Trump. A conversation cut short due to censorship. Follow a Cup of Joe on the iHeartRadio App or wherever you get your podcasts.… #TikTok #viral #fyp #news #politics #DonaldTrump #indictments #lockhimup

Yes. Christie is the worst #NeverTrumper and not anymore credible today than he was in 2016. #LockHimUp…

Borrowed from #Politico “If the facts are against you,the old legal adage says, hammer the law. If the law is against you, hammer the facts. If the facts and the law are against you, hammer opposing counsel.” The entire tfg defense. #LockHimUp #TrumpIndictment

@James48841316 @joncoopertweets Triggering GOP conservatards like you is my new passion 😊 Getting rid of traitorous conservatards like you is my goal 🥅 #DeportInsurrectionists #CancelTheGOP #LockHimUp 💀

"The most corrupt AG ever to hold the higher office and betraying his oath to the American people&the JD!" #LockHimUp #LockHimUp #LockHimUp…

Fluoride is rat poison and it’s in toothpaste and water, #sajidjavid increased fluoride in our water during the pandemic knowing exactly that it’s poisonous to us, Isent this crimes against humanity #LockHimUp…

@JP_Hustle1776 @nytimes What’s totally ridiculous here is that this is the least of the serious crimes he’s been clearly implicated in. He should have already been indicted x3 by now. #LockHimUp

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