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hello in the peak of my delirium i posted my first fanfic since high school last night and its a #kafhime spy au (thank you @aephyria for enabling me) please witness insanity…

I feel like Seele, Tingyun, Stelle and me are six wheeling for real PS: I'm just trying to test Himeko's dmg in World 5 and see who Kafka will dominate and.... yeah things happened----- #kafhime

Like i would giggle everytime a song just screams Himeko's thoughts on Kafka bcs YEAH SCREW THAT WOMAN RIGHT? And then there's some songs where its just Kafka being infatuated towards Himeko bcs WHO WOULDNT? Love that love them #kafhime…

I love #kafstelle to death but I would also like to read a #kafhime fic wherein they have smol (little menace) stelle as their child…

#Kafhime : "nih orang Posesif banget" . . . short au . . .

The first 2 Kickstarter goals are Kafka and Himeko! They'd look so cute together! We're half way-ish to unlocking kafka. More info via the link in my bio! #HonkaiStarRail #kafhime

"Guys, i saw Miss himeko and kafka kiss in the storage room" #kafhime #HonkaiStarRail

I love how ever since HSR Himeko brought up her and Kafka's sapphic love life, Twitter went nuts and made #kafhime a thing. From a Kafka and Himeko simp's perspective, y'all doin the lord's work.

There’s just something about kafka that ticks himeko off #kafhime #HonkaiStarRail

#kafhime are my mothers, i love them more than everything and i absolutely adore every their action.

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