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I’m missing tour and Demi so here’s some clips of Demi and me screaming my lungs out lmfaooo @ddlovato #HolyFvcktour

Há 1 ano, Demi Lovato anunciava as datas da #HolyFvckTour. O anúncio incluía Belo Horizonte e São Paulo em sua passagem pelo Brasil. O show em Belo Horizonte foi a 3ª passagem de Demi Lovato em MG.

6. @ddlovato não fica atrás e em setembro vem ser brasileira com a gente! 🙌 #HolyFvckTour #MTVMúsica

Same thing happened to me. @sapphicIovatic took this incredible photo of Demi and my friend @hector_385 and I are right there front row and then we met through Instagram and found out about this incredible picture. Forever grateful 🫶🏻 #HolyFvckTour @ddlovato…

Can @ddlovato please release the #HolyFvckTour as an album so I can relive one of the best nights of my life 🥹 Please and Thank you!🥹🖤

The Town garantido! Vou colar naquela grade por você Demi #HolyFvckTour

Hey Bekah why is your username substancebekah? Why do you have a substance tattoo? I really fucking miss tour and ⁦@ddlovato⁩ ♥️ #holyfvcktour

I think if demi release an album this year the combined holy fvck and the next album for the europe tour🤷🏻‍♂️ #DemiLovato #holyfvcktour

HOLY FVCK, we can't get over this tour with @ddlovato❤️‍🔥 "Sorry Not Sorry" for posting about this tour AGAIN, but the absolute 🔥 photos of the staging make us want to keep showing it off. We provided the staging and scenic on this memorable tour! #DemiLovato #HolyFvckTour

Take me back to one of the best nights of my life! 💋❤️‍🔥 #DemiLovato #HolyFvckTour #Toronto #Rockstar

Fvck I really can't choose lol I love all of them, and I still listen to all of them. I've seen Demi live three times but something about the #HolyFvckTour just was so special and comfortable and idk how to explain it. I had an incredible night…

Demi we now need a 4ever 4me/iris debute @ddlovato like girl you killed it on tour 🔥🔥🔥#holyfvcktour

Los fans de taylor llorando en el #ErasTour lo mas lindo Esa fui yo hace un año en el concierto de #Holyfvcktour también llore y grite Dios gracias por tanto 💕🪐

@notgwendalupe Don’t Forget live is iconic! Got to hear it live last year!!! #holyfvcktour

"Demi Lovato" entre las tendencias de Twitter después de dar tremendo show en Dubai #CocaColaArena #HolyFvckTour

Lo diste todo como siempre, volve que te extraño mi amor ❤️ Demi Lovato at Dubai #HolyFvckTour #CocaColaArena

Infaltable su saludo a todos los Otakus y peronistas 😂😂😂 Demi Lovato at Dubai #HolyFvckTour #CocaColaArena

Demi Lovato está ahora mismo actuando en Dubai, donde está interpretando las mismas canciones que en el #HolyFvckTour 🎶👇

Adivinen qué canción está cantando Demi con tanta energía 😂 Demi Lovato at Dubai #HolyFvckTour #CocaColaArena

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