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Polio loves a party and takes any opportunity to hitchhike so the festive season in Pakistan can pose risks as large groups gather. Learn how Pakistan gets ahead of this threat with special immunisation drives: #EndPolio #VaccinesWork @EPIPakistan

An example of why it is always wise to get a second opinion. If your MD is willing to post an article from a source with this kind of fact check rating, it’s time to get a new MD. #vaccineswork…

@atrupar Let's see how many more people need to unnecessarily die of #Covid after this discussion... Daily reminder that #VaccinesWork and #VaccinesareSafe @CDCgov

#DYK: Vaccinations are one of the most important and cost-effective public health measures available, protecting individuals and communities against serious diseases. #VaccinesWork #PublicHealthAwareness

#VaccinesWork, they save lives and protect our loved ones. Vaccines get us one step closer to a long healthy life for all. The national vaccination campaign in #CAR to #EndPolio is an opportunity to get all children under 5 to be vaccinated for free! #VaccinesSaveLives

Great talk by Lydia about her journey through the anti-vax movement, and how to empathize with and present evidence to those who are still in it. #VaccinesWork #PublicHealth…

It’s an ambitious goal but fully agree that “we have the knowledge, the tools and the vision to turn this hope into reality. Let’s dream big and get to work.” #VaccinesWork

बाळाचे संपूर्ण लसीकरण हेच जबाबदार पालकाचे लक्षण. #Vaccination #vaccineForAll #RoutineImmunization #vaccinesWork #vaccine #HealthForAll #vaccinesWorkforall

The European Commission and U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer have renegotiated a contract for #covid19 #vaccine doses - read more here… #vaccinessavelives #vaccineswork

Covid has contributed to excess deaths over the last 3 years, unsurprisingly. And in 2023 too - which may surprise some. Covid still causing serious illness in those at risk. Boosters are important for those at high risk and supported by #COVAX @gavi #VaccinesWork…

The anti-vaxxers have been around a while. Although far more vocal these days. Think how many millions of ppl have been saved from diseases that are now just distant memories by vaccines. Diseases that plagued generations - such as Smallpox #VaccinesWork…

@ProfTimHoakes IMHO sometimes these parody accounts go a teensy bit too far. Unfortunately, some of the more gullible/less informed people who may suffer from Dunning-Kruger effect might think the parody accounts are giving good advice. Every day Poe's Law is more of a thing. 🫤 #VaccinesWork💉

Zone de santé de #Libenge, #Sud_Ubangi 🇨🇩 : faisons entendre notre voix pour la #vaccination! Nos équipes sont là et apportent un vaccin novateur contre la #polio. Partagez ce message pour faire prendre conscience de l'importance de faire vacciner nos enfants. 🌟💉 #VaccinesWork

@MeganTheOracle This doesn't even look at the increase in died from unknown causes figure which were alway around 500 per year & are now 16,000 since the start of #vaccines #vaccinesideEffects means #WEF2030Agenda #vaccinesWork

‘Disastrous position:’ The @GovRonDeSantis bid to be the anti-vaccine candidate #VaccinesWork

Every death from COVID saddened me. Each death means a family had lost a loved one. For the unvaccinated, who died at rates much hugher than the vaccinated, it is even sadder. #VaccinesWork

At the @InVaccinology course last month for #polio and #MMRV lectures- it has been a proud association of more than a decade - best wishes to the current batch of students for the journey ahead in #vaccinology and its application to save lives. #VaccinesWork @gateshealth #Siena

@Spredoinkal @dr_jon_l @naomirwolf Wait who are you speaking for? Clearly you're not speaking for those of us who are disabled, since you insist on using the ableist slur R word. Now Naomi has a BA in english lit & doctor of philosophy, neither are medicine related. Please find better sources.…

Immunize Canada has a great collection of YouTube Shorts videos in English and French, on a variety of immunization topics!… #VaccinesWork #GetImmunized

New YouTube Short video from Immunize Canada | @DrVivienBrown: Get protected against #shingles. The best protection against shingles is immunization. #VaccinesWork #GetImmunized

Congratulations to The Democratic Republic of the Congo for launching its first major immunization campaign using the novel polio vaccine type 2, to protect more than 17 million children under the age of five! #EndPolio #VaccinesWork @WHOAFRO

The Biggest Victims of Long COVID Are Still the Unvaxxed, Study… 1 out of 6 "unvaccinated people who have previously come down with COVID have not returned to normal health up..." #VaccinesWork

During #volunteers week organisations should recognise the efforts of their volunteers including during #vaccine campaigns #vaccinessavelives #vaccineswork

@HersheyLove11 Yes, I can, what I cannot believe is people still think the way you do. I get that you really don’t give a 💩 about other Canadians, but your own family? Who does that? #VaccinesWork #AngerManagement works too, get some.

@GoodGir17753533 @TheMarcitect I know we shouldn’t return #antivaxx rage with the same, but is it bad to hope they all get their Darwin Awards soon, like before they Tweet again? #VaccinesWork

@LambentMonkey @TeamPelosi 2 Trumpers died in our Apartment complex last month. They said that we were all chipped because we got vaccinated. They also were Republi-con voters. It's sad that Trumps words are still killing his most devoted followers. #VaccinesWork

Makumyaviri Ngeve Innocent makes #VaccinesWork in the Waka village, Lotumbe health district, DRC. Did you miss out on our World Immunization Week Special Event? You can watch the event and share your own story by following this link #VaccinesWork…

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