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#GodMorningTuesday In this age & our time there is only one true truly Holy among us & He has been sent by the Most high EL #Thanksgiving2022 Supreme Satguru Rampal ji Maharaj, the very last messenger of GOD

Today and every day, I want to say how #thankful I am to help military families and my other great clients buy, sell, or just help guide them through the Valley's ever-changing market. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! #KimSargentAZ #Thanksgiving2022… Here is a short video of our brand new baby's journey where he was born on Thanksgiving Day #newborn #Thanksgiving2022

@LaughinEar @AustonCoin @RWApodcast That would be great. On #Thanksgiving2022 morning I had a dream that we were sheltering&bracing for a nuclear attack, then told it was ok to come out because we'd killed #Putin in a targeted missile strike. I awoke and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

@AustonCoin @Jake71281612 @RWApodcast #Putin WAS all that;HIS neighbrs treatd #RUSSIA as advrsary,&still expctd all the goodies it was providing. Putins rplacemt'll be a #Washington-installd #transgender. #Thanksgiving2022,I had a dream we killedPutin in a trgetd missile strike.Our punshmt'll come from Above. &Below.

i cant even put into words how meaningful it is to me to have such a lovely relationship (that transcends mentor/mentee) with @bita137 & her family 🙏🏽😍🥰 #Thanksgiving2022

50pushups straight 🥰🙂😌😂 struggled on the last four didn’t hit the ground tho #Thanksgiving2022

🎢 Some memories of the wonderful Orlando’s 2022 Thanksgiving Trip 🎢 Pink hoodies are crazy good #Thanksgiving2022 #Orlando @Fede_Ventu_

Another successful Thanksgiving Seniors Meal Delivery to our clients this year we even had our youth out to help. #Thanksgiving2022 #homehealth #templeterrace #Tampa #CNA #HHA

Employees on our rigs, VALARIS 54, 117, DS-9, and DPS-1, enjoyed Thanksgiving with their rig families. Kudos to the galley crews, who did a fantastic job decorating and cooking delicious holiday meals as always! #valarisfamily #thanksgiving2022 #wearevalaris

Thanksgiving is a way of life. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving service to the glory of God. #dominioncityluton #Thanksgiving2022 #thanksgivingservice

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