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you drew stars around my scars and now i’m bleeding 💚 #swifttok

@BabyBuddDriver ready to be on #swifttok ?!!

okay i saw someone else do this so reply with your favorite taylor swift lyrics for a tiktok!!! #swifttok #AllTooWellTaylorsVersion #AllTooWell #RedTaylorsVersion

When you find funny cats on the internet, and your first thought is, “I should add Christmas Tree Farm to that and send it to @taylorswift13” 🙃🎄#swifttok

hey december, guess i'm feeling unmoored, can't remember what i used to fight for @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #swiftmas #Swifties #swifttok #evermore

Rep tour footage + The Very First Night actually kinda fits and it makes me 🥺💜 #swifttok

Okay let's go besties! let's go! Let's get Taylor on number one in this list #TaylorSwift #AllTooWellTenMinuteVersion #swifttok

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