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#WrongAddressShooting #RalphYarl @CourtTV @AshleyCourtTV @MichaelCourtTV @BorghardtLaw @Leemerritt so emotional watching this!🥹 i’m so glad #RalphYarl is progressing well & on his way to recovering, same for judge @AshleyCourtTV son Austin!😢🙏🏼❤️

#WrongAddressShooting #AndrewLester #RalphYarl @CourtTV amazing analysis and discussion around this case🙌🏼 amazing to hear and see young #RalphYarl is recovering🙏🏼 #LeeMerritt the family attorney is amazing!👏🏼👏🏼 @AshleyCourtTV @MichaelCourtTV @BorghardtLaw @Leemerritt

@CourtTV this is a case to watch Absolutely horrible #AndrewLester 2shoot somebody through the door, not even answering your door to see what does young man who was a teenager wanted Heartbreaking #RalphYarl…

The system is protecting the perpetrator when they should be protecting #RalphYarl.…

It is unconsionable that the judges have decided to protect the perpetrator of violence in the #RalphYarl case by partially sealing the proceedings...

Family and friends of #RalphYarl gathered outside Clay County courthouse after Andrew Lester appeared in court.…

#RalphYarl Shooting: Preliminary hearing dates set in Andrew Lester's case, Yarl's father attends hearing…

#Andrewlester appeared in a #KansasCity courtroom today regarding the April shooting of 17y #ralphyarl.Yarl was shot in the head/wrist after going to the wrong house to pick up his siblings. Lester's charged first-degree assault/armed criminal action. A prelim hearing is set 8/31

A Kansas City man accused of shooting a Black teenager who mistakenly came to his door is scheduled to be back in court.… #ralphyarl #kprc2 #click2hou

Judge Angles rules to seal Andrew Lester's case citing national media coverage of the shooting of #RalphYarl, the teen shot twice after going to the wrong door.…

In light of Andrew Lester’s records being sealed, I thought it important to share this screenshot of publicly accessible Missouri CaseNet #ralphyarl #blacklivesmatter

Judge agrees to seal court documents in #RalphYarl shooting; suspect to be in court via Local 10…

#kansascity judge has ruled to seal docs in the 1st degree assault/armed crim action case of 84y #AndrewLester. Lester is accused in the shooting death of #ralphyarl last month after he went to his door by mistake. Yarl, now 17y, was shot in the head/wrist. Lester has court tom.

The state of MISSOURI is determined to treat attempted murderer #AndrewLester with more dignity and care than he afforded young #RalphYarl. Lester chose this life when he attempted to lynch a Black boy with impunity. 2/

#RalphYarl — a Black teenager who was shot in the head and arm after mistakenly ringing the wrong doorbell — walked at a brain injury awareness event in his first major public appearance since the shooting. #OxygenTrueCrimeNews Visit the link for more:

'Life, physical safety in jeopardy': Judge rules to partially seal Andrew Lester case in shooting of #RalphYarl…

I was very emotional seeing the video clip of #RalphYarl being an active participant in the Memorial Day walk. He still is healing but presence showed how determined this teenager is about restoring his future life.…

In His First Public Appearance Since Horrific Shooting , #RalphYarl Walks in Brain Injury Awareness Event… via @TheMarySue

UPDATE: #RalphYarl's Family Speaks Out After Public Appearance via @YouTube

I missed this the other day but this was a wonderful update on #RalphYarl. He participated in a walk to raise awareness for brain injuries this past weekend. May he continue to heal 🙌🏾…

Extra Extra: The new Acela trains are too advanced for the Northeast Corridor rail lines #ralphyarl #saltlife #longisland ➡️ Now on…

This beautiful kid. #RalphYarl He got shot for ringing the wrong doorbell trying to pick up his siblings, and instead of being bitter he does this. Now that's a good kid. The guy who shot him could learn a lesson or two.…

#RalphYarl walking weeks after headshot for knocking on wrong door @AP

#RalphYarl walking weeks after headshot for knocking on wrong door @AP

#RalphYarl, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, according to the Kansas City Star, and his family walked in the annual Going the Distance for Brain Injury race.…

The 17-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was shot after going to the wrong house while trying to pick up his younger brothers. #shooting #ralphyarl #kansascity #kansascitymo…

Post: Ralph Yarl Makes Miraculous 1st Major Public Appearance at Brain Injury Awareness Walk #ralphyarl #miraculous #health2cmedical2cpharma #clinicalmedicine

Post: Ralph Yarl, teen shot after knocking on wrong door, makes public appearance at brain injury... #News #Featured #Crime #RalphYarl #Missouri

#RalphYarl and his family participated in the "Going the Distance for Brain Injury" walk/run event in Overland Park, Kansas.…

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