Top Tweets for #LFGSD

Bochy really about to win another World Series before the Padres #LFGSD

@dennistlin What are the best non-tender options for the @Padres? #LFGSD

Chalk pastels on toned paper 11”x17” Tony Gwynn will always represent what an elite person can do with an elite work ethic and an elite skill set #LFGSD #PADRES @Padres

Xander Bogaerts is following the #Padres on Instagram 👀👀👀 #lfgsd

Since people posting #Padres pics, here's a few I think who looks good in the uniform. #LFGSD #KeepTheFaith

@mickeykoke @MLB Keep that countdown going Mickey. I must get my sleep in over winter, cos I won't be getting much during the baseball season #LFGSD

@GeorgeTakei Noooo. You're a Dodgers fan. You get a pass just this one time. #LFGSD

Our rockstar GM is about to get to work!! @AJPreller #LFGSD!

@MikeClevinger good luck in Chicago! You literally blew your elbow out trying to win the Padres a championship. For that, and the fact that you just seem like an awesome dude, you will always have my respect #LFGSD

@AlScott1998 @Padres Inch of great sales online too, just got my Machado City Connect for like $110 shipped! #LFGSD

@aedmondstv Watching this live was probably the best game my son and I have ever been too and seen, still get chills. #LFGSD

@Vhfan3 Ughhh it was amazing I can’t wait for next season #LFGSD

FYI @Padres You really do not need a shortstop. You actually have two good ones right now. Focus on starting pitchers for now. #LFGSD

If I had a talent, there would already be a 2022 #Padres season hype highlight already. I kno someone is editing one right now. #LFGSD

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