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@itstheustheus Em 2020/2021 quando o fantastico fez uma reportagem sobre o movimento #FreeBritney, daí fui pesquisar sobre a lenda, aí já apareceu o clipe de "Opps", Daí pra cá me apaixonei por ela, por ela ser a mulher que ela é, pela sua historia, e como ela conseguiu ser a maior no caos dql.

All NEW EPISODE of We NEED to Talk w Jake and bj Out NOW!! “Is The Idol Based on Britney Spears?! Timeline + Iceberg Explained | We NEED to Talk Ep. 4” #FreeBritney

@MsMagazine @AmyPolacko I hope that the #FreeBritney movement people recognize now how badly #BritneySpears was treated and how the family law case affected her. It was despicable that a commissioner took her babies away from her. Right @starksamantha ? You still have the video of me? @LizDDay ?

"Britney espera ser escuchada por el mundo. Quiere contar su lado de la historia sin tapujos. Hay una gran cantidad de personas a las que lanza mierda que serán reveladas por primera vez," cuenta la fuente. #FreeBritney

Why are there fans who admire tours/concerts where #Britney was a victim of trafficking and abuse? Where she could not choose a single step and everything was decided by her traffickers and abusers.. this is the question. Enough of laundering what they did to her. #FreeBritney…

⚙️📡✨💫💫💫⚔️⚔️⚔️💕💕💞💞💞N'oubliez pas de #rêver plus grand que vous ne pouvez l'imaginer💕💞💞🎬⚖️🎵🎶🎶🎶🪄♾️#freebritney🚀🌹💕💞💞💞🏹🧬🛹📎 #Souviens-toi pour ♾️#toujours💕💞💞💕⚔️⚔️⚔️♾️Notre💓 #mère💓 patrie💕⚔️⚔️⚔️💞💕💞🛰️✨💫💫💫🐎

⚙️✨💫💫💫💕💞💞💞Grand Prix de Vitesse et d'Endurance: 🪄💕💞💕💞🧬♾️$2 Franc Boîte Exacte ♾️Stefano et ♾️Ryan💕💞💞💞#freebritney🚀🌹🎵🎶🎶🏹🏹🏹#sesouvenir💕💞💞#maintenant et #forever💕💞💞💞🛰️✨💫💫💫🐎

@SusanBassi Wow. I just read this and I can’t even imagine what the emails uncover. But I see the link to #FreeBritney…

⚙️📡✨💫💫💫 #outravez 💕💞💞⚖️ #boasorte 💕💞💞#remember 💕💞💞💞 ♾️#sempre em #frente 🎵🎶🎶🎶💕💞💞♾️#Freebritney🚀🌹💕💞💞💞🪄#neverforget 💕#luna🌖💞 🧬🎵🎶🎶💕💞💞♾️🎬⚡🌈🏹🛹🛰️💕💞💞⚔️✨💫💫🐎

#FREEBRITNEY and #FREEBRITNEYFORREALTHISTIME give some #JusticeForBritneySpears expose the FAKERS , FAKE⭐️no talented self titld celebi... garbage. AND as much as we care for your truth we also wanna know #WhereIsBritneySpears and if shes genually doing ok and not bein silenced

Saibam que eu postei uma coisa muita engraçada na minha roda mas não posso postar aqui pq vai vir algum filha da putinha mandar eu apagar KKKKKKKKK #censura #prisao #freebritney

Holis, me volvieron a meter en la twitter jail una semana, pero ya salí. Ahora si debo portarme bien y no pelear con nadie porque siento que me pueden suspender la cuenta xd #FreeBritney

@luckySGM The truth is you guys don't give a damn about the person Brit,so have fake voice in songs like holdflop,(B went on strike in 2019,because teamcon 'tried' to kill B and got 'tired' of being a slave in LV)is perfect to horrible and fake"fans"🤮 #FreeBritney…

Por favor, alguém sabe dizer de o por quê as redes sociais da @britneyspears está sendo controlada por terceiros? Claramente todas as últimas postagem não foram feitas por ela. Alguém mais percebeu? #freebritney 💕

@SusanBassi @JackMic11633310 When I started protesting on the streets of #LosAngeles to support the #FreeBritney movement, I was painfully aware of how broken (incompetent and corrupt) the probate courts were. The common thread is "court-appointed counsel" having too much power. @BenAllenCA @Evan_Low

This is the law firm that represents #Britney Spears, a gang of unscrupulous misogynists. Keep covering your eyes, ears and nose saying that she is free. #ROSENFRAUD #JusticeForBritney #FreeBritney #EndTheCarePlan…

@BritneyTheStan What more proof do you want that she is not free? The same musical that was advertised while Britney was locked up & drugged with lithium comes out ahead. Lou Taylor & Larry Rudolph are behind this. Ronsenshit good job, fuckng cleaner. #FreeBritney #JusticeForBritney #ROSENFRAUD

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