Top Tweets for #BBNajia

Omo! If this is @Eloswager Then we didn't see much of his dancing side. Guy is so good. Watch on his IG. Links below… #BBNaijaSeason7 #BBNajia

@jessy538286 I've come to learn Ilebaye loves acts of service! She appreciates people that help her, even if it's small like hiding her eggs & Titus or bigger like gathering luggage. Guessing one of love languages 🥰 ILEBAYE IN RWANDA ILEBAYE ODINIYA #GenZBaddie𓅛 #bbnaijaAllstars #bbnajia

Frodd Mercenaries Say Thank You For Always Looking Out For Our Queen Lambo. #MercenariesUnwind #BBNajia

Finally #bbnajia don drop their fake fake fake result after cooking it up since two weeks ago We all know how dirty una do #ceecLegendary31 We no say na #ceec win the show but no problem Nothing will make me vote again for bbn show

They dragged PHYNA for Dating Groovy but now they are shipping Mercy and Pere 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣The same Pere that was dating Maria. Mercy's bestie #BBNajia #bbnaijaAllstars #bbnaijaAllstars

"I forgive you, Go and sin no more"- Reality TV Star Ike tells his colleague, Maria #BBNaijaAllStars #BBNajia

Guys i will be going to Nigeria idol soon please vote for me please baye tribe please help your tribe member #Nigeria idol season 9 #bbnajia all-star

Mercy get sharp mouth 😭😂😂😂😂this video is Goated 😂😂🫶🏻🫶🏻🛡️🎉 #BBNajia #BBNaijaAllStars

Mercy get sharp mouth 😭😂😂😂😂this video is Goated 😂😂🫶🏻🫶🏻🛡️🎉 #BBNaijallstars #BBNajia #BBNaijaAllStars

Mercy has won in the eyes of us her fans, guys we got her to the top with just guys, and you know how proud big brother is of her, she never disrespected the franchise and is not a sore loser unlike some people, MERCY EKE the King of Kings👑👑🛡️#bbnajia

Ilebaye without structure won. Time we cede INEC's job to those who tally #BBNajia votes.

Take it or you leave it. A character like Ceec can never win #Bbnajia, she will only have some loyal fans who reason along with her toxicity. #BBNaijallstars

I am surprise people are so interesting in this ship, mercy you do this one , they are cruising or shipping I don't know but whatever it is, is beautiful nonsense 😂#BBNajia…

It's about time Cee C Gets What she got robbed of!🤩🍷 We Ready, Spartans!!!! #BBNajia #Ceec #CeecTheAllStarsWinner

ilebaye sipping her juice & venbitter the idiot is getting evicted 😂😂😂#BBNajia #BBNaija

in all of this, I am happy venbitter will be evicted today & at least we have one more toxic housemate out. she will now face consequences of her stupid attitudes in the real world #BBNajia #BBNaijaAllStar

cynthia has this useless pride in her. u can be confident no doubt, but that tin in that short girl ehn, na useless ego. how much the clown worth sef? #BBNajia #BBNaijaAllStar

cynthia cant have conversation in that house with discussing ilebaye #BBNajia #BBNaijaAllStar

Didnt venita say there is more to life than boys? I am loving bad boy deks #BBNajia #BBNaijaAlIStars

this una ceec is a stupid girl. u cant tell me anything, chai. such a bitter idiot, she is crying already bcos of game master that biggie gave ilebaye, thank God others explained to that idiot. #BBNajia

aswear, if u hate ilebaye, u are honestly mad. that girl is just being a girl, she is so small ,carefree & wants to have “fan”. #BBNajia

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