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Happy birthday @BillieStarkz hope you have a great day #andnew ROH women's world champion.

@BOXINGnBBQ Devin gonna show levels in there .. you can just feel it. I’m not the boxing expert, imma UFC guy but there is just certain fights where it shows .. Devin taking this one. #AndNew

@Boogerbeard1 I think Colby Dominates Leon all 5 rds #andnew but i also had a brief conversation with a mannequin at the mall so yeah.

“One of the most underrated professional wrestlers of all time.” At the final #IMPACTWrestling branded show of all time… I prove this statement by @THETOMMYDREAMER is 100% correct. #ANDNEW Digital Media Champion… #FinalResolution…

@WTXWrestling Feb 2017, you gave a no name, unproven talent his 1st opportunity to become someone. Nov 2023, years and years of fighting... I'm not someone, I'm THE ONE..... You kept believing in me, now I will continue to fight for you #ANDNEW WTX WORLD CHAMP BABY

@HighLvlBoxing22 Devin will be #ANDNEW and ya can keep ya excuses after Saturday

@Joshuaprofits_ Haney will be #ANDNEW Saturday night & we don’t want no excuses either.

Tonight the Yamashita family thought they had me beat, but like I said it was my destiny to be the @TCWoffical United Kingdom Champion and nothing was getting in my way. #AndNew #TCW #UKChampion

Hoy, 7/12/2023, fue #AndNew el mínimo histórico de la acción @TKOGrp (@WWE @ufc) con cierre de USD$72.80. Además de su apertura fue USD$73.43 y mínimo USD$72.34, la más baja de ambos. ¿A qué se debe esto? #Wrestling #MMA #TKO #WWE #UFC

La #AndNew entrevistadora de #WWENXT, @KellyKincaidwwe, ha sido añadida a la página oficial del elenco de #WWE en la página web, panas @MarceloAtWWE @JerrySotoNarra. Resumen en su bio.

#NXTDeadline predictions kickoff @WWEFrazer #AndStill nxt champion ilija dragunov @FallonHenleyWWE wins women's iron survivor challenge #AndNew @dragonlee95 north american champion @roxanne_wwe wins steel cage @Carmelo_WWE Men's iron survivor challenge @_trickwilliams

➡️ #AndNew Commander Nakajima se tornou a primeira @Sukeban_World Champion. Ela venceu Ichigo Sayaka, para conquistar o título.

Beaten Yosef in a 5 star match to win my first world title #ANDNEW ADW Champion!

@mma_orbit @ufcontnt Leon will surrender on the stools the same way the British surrendered in Yorktown. #AndNew 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

After hearing all the trash @TiffanyNieves_ has been talking about me this week, it’s going to be so sweet kicking her 🍑 at #SilverBells3 #AndNew @MissionProWres…

@bullyb170 He’ll continue run but deep down he knows what’s bound to happen and that a** kicking coming his way. #AndNew

Into new waters. 🐙 Dominion Pro has been cast of the eyes of The Grappling Horror and treasure awaited me. To the other women apart of the gauntlet match, nice match! But, they were all out of their depth when Claire Sinclaire came around! #ANDNEW🐙…

#ANDNEW Dominion Pro Strong Women’s Champion, Claire Sinclaire!

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