Get Your 🍑 to the Polls! Early in-person voting is OCT 17 - NOV 4! Deadline to register/update your voter registration is OCT 11. Go to to find your polling place and for voting FAQs.

@fairfightaction We need government to work for the people, not the other way around like it currently does. People please don't fall into the "HATEFUL SPEECH" promotion, it's just a smoke screen to divide the American people.

@fairfightaction @jtimberlake Toomaj Salehi is an Iranian rapper and the Islamic Republic is attempting to charge him with a crime that carries the death penalty. Be his voice before it is too late. #ToomajSalehi

@fairfightaction @jtimberlake These garments are ‘Billboards for ideas you Believe in’ and a rally point for like minded people to find community and say “I believe in that too!” #streetwear #ActiveArtCollective