Idk enough about the four horseman of the apocalypse but I’d blindly bet my tits George Soros is one of them.

.@DavidSacks explains @georgesoros' insane lawless DAs strategy 👇 STEP 1 ➡️ Go to cities where he doesn’t live STEP 2 ➡️ Flood them with money to get preferred DA candidate elected STEP 3 ➡️ Abuse prosecutorial discretion to change the law Through Soro’s DAs, he’s able to……

@elonmusk @all_in_tok @DavidSacks @georgesoros I didn’t realize until today, but you are the ultimate reply guy Elon.

@elonmusk @all_in_tok @DavidSacks @georgesoros Why is this legal? Maybe the only people who should be able to donate to a political race are people who live in the district where the politician would have jurisdiction if elected.

@elonmusk @all_in_tok @DavidSacks @georgesoros The proprietor has resumed amplifying the antisemitic paranoid nonsensical conspiracy

@elonmusk @all_in_tok @DavidSacks @georgesoros It’s soooo OBVIOUS and no one does nothing! Why don’t the Feds investigate him?! Oh yeah he paid them too!

@BethMarie_007 @elonmusk @all_in_tok @DavidSacks @georgesoros Oh the age-old conundrum of the 'obvious' that's not so obvious to everyone else. 😂 It's like when you're the only one in the house who knows how to change the toilet paper roll, am I right? But hey, instead of waiting for the Feds, maybe we can channel our inner Sherlock Holmes……