In the coming weeks, Twitter will prioritize replies by: 1. People you follow 2. Verified accounts 3. Unverified accounts Verified accounts are 1000X harder to game by bot & troll armies. There is great wisdom to the old saying: “You get what you pay for.”

@elonmusk Unverified accounts provide significantly more value but less revenue We understand it needs to be done, but acknowledge this.

@elonmusk So that haves and have nots you sought to end with pay-for blue checks is about to be reinforced with pay-to-play.

@elonmusk I don't believe "people you follow" should be this high up. It will hide contrarian viewpoints and that's not healthy. That just leads to a echo chambers where people stop seeing the other points of view.

@EdKrassen @elonmusk You don’t want to hear other viewpoints lmao what are you talking about ? You want them silenced

@LanceUlanoff @elonmusk The difference is that old blue check mark was being handed out to the elites and wealthy. Normal people didn’t have the option of getting one before. Now they do. $8/mo. doesn’t break the bank. LinkedIn charges $64/mo. btw.

@itsjustcornbro Any true human can get verified. It’s only $7/month if bought annually via web (without App Store 30% premium). Yes, non-advertising revenue sources are important, so that this platform is not overly reliant on the whims of corporate America, but having a large number of……

@elonmusk Why is the Twitter Blue Subscription now seemingly unavailable to certain Twitter accounts?

@elonmusk I'm blue....but I lost my account for a month...twitter support was useless in getting it back....a man named Austin at Verizon got it back for me today