Republican legislators exiting through the back door again. #NEleg

Nebraska lawmakers pass a 12-week abortion ban and restrictions on gender-affirming care for those under 19. The governor has said he'll sign the bill.

@cnnbrk And we wonder why there is an exodus from the State?

@cnnbrk At around 12 weeks of pregnancy, an unborn baby is estimated to have approximately 100 billion cells.

@cnnbrk The senators were so proud of their work, they tried to sneak out a back door.…

@cnnbrk the duality of states, can legally abandon your kid up until 18 but god forbid you wanna be taken care of as a trans person before 19 or want a abortion after 12 weeks

@cnnbrk Nebraska: You're old enough at 13 to work at a slaughterhouse but 18 is not old enough to make your own medical decisions (but you can get a gun, join the army, get married)

@cnnbrk Praise the name of the Lord. HOLY HOLY IS OUR GOD. God bless the brave and revered legislators. Hold Steadfast against these liberals