Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II officially launches Friday and to celebrate we're giving away the game, a Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX, and a Recon Cloud controller to one lucky winner! TO ENTER: 🔫 Follow @TurtleBeach 💣 RT & Like 🗣️ SBMM: 👍 or 👎? Winner picked FRIDAY, Oct 28!

@TurtleBeach 👍 Nobody is going to "get good" if they load up and constantly get stomped by sweats. Improvement happens over time with practice, not overnight while getting rolled by stacks KD farming.

@TurtleBeach Just one set??? Really??? Im good the headset i bought from u guys broke in a week. Garbage!!

@spellster @TurtleBeach I think u meant to @CallofDuty …Hey, can we get a non-SBMM playlist so we OGs can get back to bussin heads in lobbies?!?! Lil Nathan needs to get 💩 on so he can get better. That’s how I remembered it. @Activision you need to be in the room here too.

@ZabbyFufu @TurtleBeach Wait, so how did people "get good" back in the day on halo 2 and mw2?

@StashNyou Sorry to hear about this! Our headsets are covered under a manufacturer's warranty for a period of one year when purchased new in the US, so our team would be happy to look in to your eligibility for warranty service. Here's a link to their form: