Today is 31 years without the great and legendary Freddie Mercury. He passed away in Kensington, London. Today, it has been 31 years since the world lost the king.👑 You'll always be in our hearts. THANKS. Rest in peace, legend... #RIP #FreddieMercuryForever Photo by © Dave Hogan

Freddie Mercury 🖤 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991 Photograph by Neal Preston © Queen Productions Ltd

@QueenWillRock I will never tire of listening to their music. Transcends all the years.

@QueenWillRock There are few humans in the world that I consider to bring something positive to my life. Freddie is one of them.

@QueenWillRock 31 years have passed, you left long before I was born, when I met you I began to love music, thank you Freddy for teaching me to have a passion for music. Rest in peace #FreddieMercuryForever & I love you💛🎤🎶😘👏

@QueenWillRock Full credit to @Old_67....👍🙏 Still my favorite he's done! RIP Freddie👑