#Raiders C Andre James acknowledges the Las Vegas offense had to go to a "silent count" a few times Sunday due to the big and vocal #Broncos crowd at Allegiamt Stadium.

@PGutierrezESPN And I am sure that large vocal Broncos crowd became quite silent when they walked out of that stadium after taking that “L” 😂😂

@PGutierrezESPN Beat KC on the road, the crowds come out for a Winner in Las Vegas. Just ask the Knights and the Aces.

@PGutierrezESPN @JoshDubowAP Sad but can’t say I didn’t expect it when they left for Vegas. Consistent Winning may help, but it’s a destination road game so probably be like that for a long time

@THEEMCNASTYONE @PGutierrezESPN Unfortunately these are the facts. 0-3 start, I’m sure a ton of Raiders “fans” sold their tickets. It did suck to see so much orange though.

@PGutierrezESPN @JoshDubowAP Raider fans only like to see losses, that’s why they always show up to sofi

@raiderrob1964SS @PGutierrezESPN @JoshDubowAP People already want to come to Vegas. And if the can plan their trip when their team will be playing there? Even better. This will remain an issue. Just play through it.

@PGutierrezESPN When you are in a city that other fans want to see, even our massive ticket prices are not a big enough hurdle. We will have to get used to a large road contingent in every home game.

@rdesai711 @PGutierrezESPN Maybe , just maybe, don’t sell your tickets to an opposing fan? There are enough Raider fans to seek them if you’re not going

@PGutierrezESPN It’s sad to see/hear the visiting teams fans matching the noise levels of the Raiders fans! The life long loyal Raiders fans good or bad years, wherever they call home will always show up! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️