I will say this about #Chargers fans, I believe #Raiders fans are loyal. But you mfers are like right there with us. This isn't a cheap shot or a dig but to go through everything your fan base has and to still rep those colors is next level loyalty.

@KnowTheGame38 Two fan bases that have been in a perpetually abusive relationship and can't walk alway 😂

Ok this lowkey blew up. Lmao I posted this yesterday and it had no likes. I wake up see like 3 and get home from work and it's on over 250 lmfao

@KnowTheGame38 I’m from San Diego, Charger fans literally burned their jerseys when they found out the were moving and hated them. Now all of the sudden they are good they have loyal fans ? Nah I’m not buying it.

@SDBoltsRUs I know dude it's crazy. I can't even imagine myself repping another team though dude. Never.