Just wrapped up the Jay Shetty interview, and Kim gets better and better with every interview. She’s SO calm. Love you @KimKardashian

@KimKardashian I don't know how you do it. Do you ever sleep?

@KimKardashian She’s queen 👸 of the world love her truly 🌹😘

@KimKardashian Hi, I am a Public Speaker, an Inventor, a Founder, Trainer, Motivational Coach & Mentor, u r a highly educated Professional Business Ladie who spends time helping ppl with there legal issues, hand 👏🏾 on ur success, with that said I have reason to believe some1 is pretending 2 b u

@KimKardashian I myself am thinking about starting a fan club myself perhaps you might want to share your ideas how you get started doing that. I have learned much from you- are amazing 😍 thanks for being here 🤓🙏🏾