Tis the season where you can no longer hide behind your Rapsodo, radar gun, weighted ball, rope bat, hit tracks, pvc pipe, run & gun, and K vest. Now it’s real life baseball on a field not a tv screen. Now you have to pick it, pitch it, and hit it where they ain’t!

@Jshev21 @chriscapozzi5 Absolute best baseball truth I’ve heard in a very long time! Bless you sir!

@Jshev21 I always say " time to pull your pants down and show em what you got"!

@Jshev21 Ah, but we’ll still see “109 MPH exit velo on that line out to 3B was hardest hit ball all season” or “that fly out to CF at the wall had and estimated fly ball distance of 408 feet and a 10% catch probability”

@Jshev21 I mean most if not all MLB teams use these or similar tech. I’d also argue that having more data on your athletes is the opposite of hiding. You obviously have to compete when the time comes, but it you arent measuring performance you are just guessing.

@Jshev21 The point here is that there are no more movement profiles. No more spin axis tweaks. No more spin efficiency. Your stuff either gets outs now or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the lab and out of the lineup. ✌️