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@EliseStefanik @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Wow, with Kash Patel and Mike Pompeo. I assume the show is called "The Bottom of the Barrel."

I hope you caught this scoop last night: We went looking for @Santos4Congress' top donors who were listed in his FEC reports. For a bunch we couldn't confirm their names or addresses. It's as if they...don't exist. Yet another Santos money mystery for investigators probing him. twitter.com/DavidCornDC/st…

@EliseStefanik @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Ooooh, will you be discussing your secret support for the elevation of George Santos (!!!) to congressman ???

@EliseStefanik @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Don't worry about the horrendous accident in your district. YOU first, as always.