This past week, I reintroduced bipartisan legislation to help spread awareness and combat the threat of invasive species in Upstate New York & the North Country. Read more in the @troyrecordÔÇŽ

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord Agree. Bring jobs back from Asian countries would help seeing that's where these species are coming from on ships with products that can be made here. Stink bugs are taking over greatly in TN.

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord Do you never tire of tweeting the same thing over and over again? You really need constant self congratulation, don't you? You must be horribly insecure. I guess you realize nobody else will praise you, so you have to do it yourself.

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord DonÔÇÖt forget endorsing Ronna McDaniels for RNC chair in spite of her 0-5 record or the desire of most Republicans to have new blood. Own that shit.

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord Elise - with you and George Santos working together - anything is possible.

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord Sure, because there isn't anything else more important that needs attention. ­čÖä

@EliseStefanik @troyrecord I guess I'm crazy, but I don't see what this is going to do with our gov't going broke, stopping $$ going to Ukraine, people needing better delivery systems for food, people losing their homes, etc., etc., etc. Is Upstate NY a poor area?