Chucky Hepburn can get up! 👀 @BadgerMBB takes the lead in Evanston.

@BigTenNetwork @BadgerMBB Steven crowl with with just 2 points 🤦🏽‍♂️

@BigTenNetwork @BadgerMBB Isn't that a travel? Or can I just not see the ball at that angle?

@BigTenNetwork @BadgerMBB Why does Bardo talk about TJD and the Hoosiers so much. TJD isn't even getting a snif at POY or BTPOY. One good game does not = pushing Edey. Take off the crimson goggles

@BigTenNetwork @BadgerMBB LOL. I expected to see some sick dunk, and got that. Way to go with the click bait, y'all. You got me.