I always love being in Chicago and having the opportunity to meet with folks on the South Side who are helping transform their communities. I had a lot of fun, too. Take a look.

@BarackObama Why didn’t you visit the southern part when you were the president?

@BarackObama If you want to transform the community you need to get more Dads in the home!

@BarackObama Meanwhile, Chicago goes deeper into the abyss with rampant crime.

@BarackObama President Obama was one the finest Presidents in U.S. history. 💜

@schemesymcplots @BarackObama It’s a stupid silly song, but damn I tear up every time I hear it and think of my one brother. “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”. youtu.be/Jl5vi9ir49g

@BarackObama When will you and your wife Michael APOLOGIZE for Destroying black Chicago? [PREMIERING 5/13, 7:30PM ET] Alan Dershowitz: The Anti-Trump Obsession Is Undermining America’s Justice System, Civil Liberties, and Rule of Law link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/alan-d… rumble.com/vl19h5-ccp-chi…

@jacobincambodia @BarackObama Don’t live in the past. Look forward to the future. This is only his third term.

@BarackObama Maybe MOVE to NKOREA. OBIDEN’s Arguments for GunGrab-to-install-Communism/NationalSocialism (Hitler!)Exposed youtu.be/H3aWbte8DxU naturally don't MENTION that Obama Himself de facto Argued for CREATING a "Peoples Militia equally strong as the Police "... SHH BLM /Antifa? ◦