Visiting Lilydale First Baptist Church took me back to my time as a community organizer. This is the neighborhood where I began my career in public service.  It was even more special to celebrate the graduation of our @Columbia and @UChicago Obama Scholars—a smart and passionate……

@BarackObama @Columbia @UChicago @ObamaFoundation @BarackObama I'm so glad you found your way back to your roots. We all need to go back to our roots every now and again to be reminded of where we came from.

@BarackObama @Columbia @UChicago @ObamaFoundation I don't know how many BILLIONS #Obama (w cardcarrying Communist 'steph'dad) got from #CCP to initiate killing #Constitution but also: LIVE 5/12 10 AM ET: Q… via @EpochTimes

@BarackObama @Columbia @UChicago @ObamaFoundation President Trump's Encounter with Kaitlan Collins When He Was In Office... "I Told You CNN Is Fake News..Don't Talk To Me" Hahahaha...Classic 👍👍