Applications are now open for our new @ObamaFoundation Leaders USA program. We're looking for passionate emerging leaders from every corner of the country, ages 24 to 45, who are making an impact in their community. I hope you'll apply by February 3 at

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation I’m still waiting to save $2500 a year on my healthcare insurance and keep my doctor. Any idea when that will happen? You promised.

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation Restricted only to US citizens? or applications from outside could also apply.

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation It says “Obama” but it smells like “Clinton.” I’ll pass 🤮

It's appalling when US Taxpayers are forced to carry the costs of government operations such as NSA Washingtons B-Side ,B22/B223 in which discrimination against disabled Vets, staff over 50, males, and black/brown skinned staff, is blatant and the norm.…