Today we pay tribute to the extraordinary life and legacy of Dr. King, and reflect on the lessons he taught us. Thanks to everyone who joined the @ObamaFoundation to lend a hand in Chicago.

@BarackObama Show Karen at the office what you think with one of these…

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation @NourishHopeChi @growinghome @TheLoveFridge Absolutely, Dr. King's message of equality and justice continues to inspire us today.

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation @NourishHopeChi @growinghome @TheLoveFridge Barack, I thank you for your grace as POTUS. Please follow me, so I can say you do 😃🎯🤠🍿👍

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation @NourishHopeChi @growinghome @TheLoveFridge Chicago is the boldest city of our country. They know how to show it what they mean.

@BarackObama @ObamaFoundation @NourishHopeChi @growinghome @TheLoveFridge Dr. King moved generations forward, I pray that we do the same. Moving the next generations to a higher standard and a new level. God blessed all of you.

It's appalling when US Taxpayers are forced to carry the costs of government operations such as NSA Washingtons B-Side ,B22/B223 in which discrimination against disabled Vets, staff over 50, males, and black/brown skinned staff, is blatant and the norm.…